Linear Heat Cable

Key Commercial Applications

  • Fire Safety in cable containment.
  • Fire Safety in Tunnels.
  • Fire Safety in Car Parks
  • Fire Safety in Recycling Plants
  • Fire Safety in Food Processing Industry.
  • Fire Safety for Conveyor Systems.
  • Fire safety for Oil & gas industry

Linear heat detection provides early detection of fire conditions or overheating of equipment’s, plant or the surrounding area. Linear heat detection is used in areas where conventional forms of detection is not viable because of the harsh environmental condition, physical or hazardous maintenance, access constraint to protect the are or a requirement for cost effective installation in close proximity to the risks.

Linear heat cables comprises of a twisted pair twin core cable. Each core is passivized steel and has a special heat reactive polymer insulation and can be used as an alternative to point heat detectors in conventional protection situations.

Linear heat cables with Digital interfacing module and accessories are available. Download the catalog for more information.

Key Features 

  • Early detection of hazards at temperatures well below the flame point.
  • Rugged construction-Stainless steel outer sheath available.
  • Fixed alarm trigger temperature.
  • compatible with many existing zone monitors/control equipment.
  • Intrinsically safe configurable for hazardous areas.
  • Ease of installation & cost effectiveness.
  • UV & Chemical resistant.

Key Accessories