Fire Alarm System

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Solutions we provide

We provide a wide range of line elements which includes Smoke & Beam detectors, flame, multi-sensor, manual call points, input-output addressable elements and many others.

We have a dedicated team of professionals for fire protection design and consultancy who identify appropriate fire solutions and approaches that integrate various building systems into a comprehensive fire protection and life safety package for the project.

We ensure that effective systems are incorporated in preventing, detecting, containing, controlling and extinguishing fire at early stage.

Our advantage:

  • Fire protection system design to mitigate the risk
  • Lower installation and operating cost
  • Enhanced safety for end users
  • Can integrate fire protection system with various building system into a comprehensive fire protection system.

Fire Alarm System is a part of any buildings infrastructure that monitors the change in state that indicates the presence of fire or smoke. It is intended to notify the occupants in the earliest stage of a fire breakout in order to initiate orderly evacuation and carry out firefighting operation.

Loss of life and property due to fire has can be magnanimous. Therefore,fire protection strategies must go beyond the “minimum requirements” specified in the building codes and standards. We offer a complete range of fire detection and alarm systems, in simplest form to the most complex with advanced integrations open to other systems.

  • Fire Detection system available in both conventional & Addressable systems.
  • Solutions available for various types of building from the biggest facilities to small houses both at residential and commercial level.
  • All the design and installation is done as per the NFPA 72 standards and complies with the local civil defense requirements (Dubai Civil defense, Qatar civil defense.etc.)