CCTV Camera


  • Accurate Number Plate Recognition according to a region/ or group of regions.
  • Simple systems to complex integration from residential to commercial projects.
  • Remote Surveillance with wireless connectivity.
  • Perfect Solutions for industrial application, with latest technology of video compression and storage.


Protect your perimeter with CCTV, a video system designed to monitor and record your property throughout the day and night.

CCTV is much more than a means of detecting intrusion, it can also support health and safety policies by recording all accidents, enabling incidents to be investigated and reported. Our range of CCTV solutions can be engineered to suit any budget, as camera type and recording requirements may be dictated by need.

CCTV is a reliably great deterrent that offers staff protection, remote security and can be an invaluable tool for investigation.

CCTV can offer a wide variety of protection measures, including delivering a safe and secure environment for clients, providing full visibility of your building or wider infrastructure, monitoring health and safety at work. CCTV often provides much-needed back-up in the problems ranging from a simple staff disagreement to a large-scale incident across multiple areas. This allows you to quickly reference the recording and make decisions with speed and efficiency thereafter.

We’re also able to integrate ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) into our camera service, allowing you to track and control your car parks and facilities.

In addition, we offer Service, Repair and Maintenance support for CCTV.

CCTV Control Center

We have well trained, Certified professionals certified by Dubai Police . We also offer dynamic solution for IP CCTV and analog CCTV abiding with the key requirements of Dubai Police & SIRA.